break the power

of THE

fossil fuel CORPORATIONS

once and for all



We are sending a letter to U.S. state Attorneys General asking them to break the power of fossil fuel corporations—the Big Polluters—to avert a material risk of human extinction by 2100.

The #climateletter is a formal legal procedure that triggers Attorney General review. Each Attorney General has to give a response to the letter and tell us if they will have the courage to stand up to the Big Polluters.

Read our FAQ if you’re interested in the ins-and-outs of the procedure.


The #climateletter will request that the Attorneys General make the Big Polluters:


immediately halt any further emissions of greenhouse gases.


submit to court monitoring and implement climate resilience strategies to limit warming to 1.5ºC by 2100 (including industrial-scale carbon sequestration).


pay restitution to the states as compensation for emitting greenhouse gases at an industrial-scale, even though they knew what would happen.


assist poor and developing countries to prepare for a climate breakdown that is already, and unfairly, hitting poor and developing countries the hardest.

The #climateletter will demand that this transition away from emissions-producing activities should be paid for by fossil fuel corporations and their investors—not by consumers or workers.


If the Big Polluters refuse to change their ways, the #climateletter will request that state Attorneys General revoke their corporate charters and shutter them.

The Big Polluters have known that their business activities would alter the climate and would be dangerous to the Earth and to human life, perhaps as early as the 1980s.


  • Currently building our Steering Committee.

  • September 2019—Going public with the #climateletter

  • December 21, 2019Just Atonement Inc., on behalf of all signatories, will file the #climateletter with state Attorneys General


#climateletter Steering Committee

We are gathering a team of international legal experts and other professionals to provide support and input on this initiative—experts on the environment, the climate breakdown, corporate accountability, and human rights.

Interested in joining the #climateletter Steering Committee? Click here!

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